Reverie Updates Eye-Catching, Easy-to-Store Packaging

As part of Reverie’s recent re-branding initiative—which focuses on technology, innovation and customization—the company is unveiling new, updated packaging for its entire line-up of accessories. Reverie has redesigned the in-store look of the Sweet Slumber pillow collection and Elation four-speaker, surround-sound system in response to specific retailer needs.

“Our customers tell us bulky point-of- purchase displays do not move product,” explained President and CEO Martin Rawls-Meehan. “Using insights gained from these retail partners, we’ve reduced the size of our packaging to make it more attractive and easier to display and stock.”

By vacuum-packing the Sweet Slumber pillows, Reverie has eliminated some of the bulk to allow the new packaging to be smaller and more compact. In addition to updated graphics, the new box size streamlines the merchandising display and is a space saver for inventory. For the Elation speaker system, the company turned to the electronics industry for inspiration and designed packaging that visually communicates the unique benefits of the speakers in a sturdy, transportable box.

“Accessories continue to represent a significant way to increase a retailer’s profit margin,” Rawls-Meehan continued. “Following the successful launches of both our Sweet Slumber pillow collection and the Elation surround-sound system we set out to create packaging that is both eye-catching and functional.”