Reverie Teams Up With An Olympian For New Consumer-Facing Campaign

Reverie’s latest partnership with Allyson Felix, a new mom and six-time Olympic gold medalist in track and field, has helped the brand gain high-profile coverage in major consumer-facing publications. Since the brand’s founding, Reverie has prioritized spreading a message that encourages better health and wellness for all consumers. This partnership is an extension of that goal—and the publicity has helped to amplify the brand’s positioning to a wider market.

The new campaign features Felix discussing her devotion to healthy sleep for herself and her family, as well as advice she’s received from Reverie’s sleep coach. It offers consumers actionable tips they can take home with them and to their families, while also bringing awareness to the brand’s name and product. It’s also a well-timed campaign, as it is meant to support the celebration of National Sleep Awareness Month.

Reverie’s CEO, Martin Rawls-Meehan explained, “As one of the greatest Olympians of all time, Allyson Felix is acutely aware of the proper training and recovery techniques required to perform at the highest level, and as a new mom juggling myriad other responsibilities, there’s no better megaphone for championing better sleep practices throughout National Sleep Awareness Month.”

Partnerships like Reverie’s latest with Allyson Felix deliver salient value for retailers as they can make consumers more aware and build excitement for products stocked in the showroom. Since these partnerships deliver a brand’s messaging through a person that consumers already know, trust and admire, the message is made all the more relevant. But the key to effective partner marketing is authenticity. Partnerships that align with a brand’s core ethos and help clearly communicate its ideology to consumers are typically the most successful.

With health and wellness at the forefront of all that Reverie does, its partnership with a family-oriented and high-achieving athlete effectively amplifies and reinforces the values of the Reverie brand. This partnership in particular is especially effective because it offers consumers something practical—quality sleep advice that they can use right now.