Reverie Makes Shipping More Convenient With 3E Adjustable Base

Reverie announced the creation of its first UPS-able foundation, designed to offer dealers the benefits of potential cost-savings and secure, convenient and direct delivery of the 3E (Essential Plus) adjustable base. The move makes Reverie’s entry-level product more affordable without sacrificing quality, durability or functionality. Reverie will introduce its new UPS-able 3E model at the Summer Las Vegas Market.

Reverie made adjustments to the 3E after considering potential problems adjustable bases face during the shipping process. Reverie’s 3E is the company’s most affordable adjustable base on the market, featuring a wired remote that allows for adjustability of the head and shoulders, mid-section, legs and feet to create a customized relaxation or sleeping position. In order to make the adjustable base shipping-friendly, Reverie developed a sturdy, lightweight design built off of the same platform used for its other bases. The end-result is a product that appeals to online retailers, big box stores and stores that want to display an adjustable foundation for carry-away or “curbside” shipment.

“We’re confident our attention to detail and commitment to innovation will resonate with retailers who seek alternatives to white glove delivery for adjustable bases,” said Reverie President and CEO Martin Rawls-Meehan. “We’re intentionally launching this initiative with our entry-level product, because we believe the convenient ‘do it yourself’ elements of the product will appeal to cost-conscious consumers debating whether to purchase an adjustable base.”