Retailers Light Showroom Windows with Aptilite’s to WidoLED

Designed specifically for retail store window displays, Aptilite’s new light uses LEDs to produce better displays.

This light produces fewer shadows than typical recessed or track lighting because it was designed to have a linear shape that would fit against the top of the window. From that location, it will illuminate merchandise at an angle that is much more natural for window shoppers. Another benefit of Aptilite’s new L16 is the improved color rendering possible with LED lighting. Merchandise in store windows will be much more appealing than it would be with the CFL-based flood lights used in many store windows.

The L16 will pay for itself with savings from reduced power consumption. Additionally the longer lasting bulbs produce less heat indirectly helping to lower air conditioning costs.

The LEDs used in this light have been designed to last for 50,000 hours, or nearly six years of constant use. Because LEDs slowly dim as they get older their replacement can be planned months in advance and store windows are never left in the dark.

Finally, Aptilite’s L16 can be installed without an electrician and can be easily moved to a new location if needed.


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About Aptilite LLC: Aptilite LLC manufactures and sells luminaires and light fixtures designed specifically to produce dramatic and efficient light using LEDs. The company based in New Hampshire and manufactures in the USA.