Retailers Enjoy Success with PureCare By Fabrictech Sleep Products

Fabrictech PureCareAromatherapy_ScratchSniff_Stickers_AllPureCare by Fabrictech has experienced enormous growth with mattress retailers throughout North America. The secret behind its vibrant growth is the PureCare philosophy of creating satisfied consumers and successful retailers with products that address consumers’ health, wellness, safety and comfort needs.

When selling mattress protectors, Fabrictech has shifted from the usual claims of bedbug protection to a powerful story of creating an overall healthier sleep environment while protecting against dust mites, allergens, bedbugs, mold and moisture. Over the past few years the company has emerged as “The Leader in Health and Wellness in the Sleep Essentials Industry” with the expansion of PureCare protectors featuring aromatherapy, Celliant fibers, antibacterial silver and their complete line of PureCare Plush pillows and mattress toppers.

PureCare by Fabrictech offers retailers flexible options that address a full range of consumer wants and needs in the bedroom with each of their product lines. The company has not strayed from this concept since the creation of the successful “good, better, best” mattress protection program that can now be found in retail locations all over North America.

Mattress Mattress Canada has been carrying the PureCare by Fabrictech mattress and pillow protection line for two and half years. Chad Buchfink, Director of Retail Operations, explains that, “the Fabrictech protectors have made a huge difference for us. This simply is a better way of selling for us.” The PureCare Antibacterial Silver ion story “has been great... We find that middle-aged and older customers in particular are very in tune with the anti-bacterial properties and the health and wellness story we offer them. We try to sell add-ons with every sale. With the PureCare by Fabrictech line up, we now have an add-on ratio of 70–80 percent.”

In addition to mattress and pillow protectors, PureCare provides retailers with a complete line-up of PureCare Plush pillows in a variety of sizes, shapes, densities and materials. This pillow program is offered to retailers with specific comfort levels, eye-catching graphics and point of purchase display gallery options to draw in the consumer and enhance sales and margins for the retailer.

President David Mizrahi and Sales Manager Joe Graziano have been carrying the PureCare Plush pillows in their Best Mattress retail stores for eight months, saying that this line has “helped us turn pillows into a profit center.” The stores feature four different pillows: two memory foam, one latex and one synthetic down. “We comfort test and match our customers with a pillow,” Graziano explains. “They test the beds with the pillow they’ve already chosen. The PureCare Plush line is not an afterthought or even an add-on; it has become a part of the mattress sales program in terms of meeting the needs of the consumer.”

PureCare also recently introduced the fresh PureCare Aromatherapy line of protectors featuring easily replaceable scented sachets of Lavender, Mandarin, Sandalwood, Eucalyptus and Jasmine. The Mattress Factory has been carrying the PureCare by Fabrictech Aromatherapy mattress and pillow protectors since the last Las Vegas market and owner Andres Ramos says that the line is turning more dollars. “It is a little bit more expensive, but honestly people are not batting an eye.”

Southern California’s Sit ‘N Sleep stores have been marketing mattress protection for over 10 years and recently started selling Fabrictech products. “Our customers are very aware that the dust mite, allergy and bedbug issues are real,” President Nelson Bercier explained. “This has been a real success for us with a closing rate up to a 70 percent attachment sale rate. Our average ticket is up $30.” Bercier’s sales people are very excited about selling aromatherapy. “They love add-ons to the ticket. They see this as an opportunity to close a bigger sale.” He noted that the health wellness story “resonates so powerfully with consumers” that it has enhanced sales of the entire mattress, bedding and top-of-bed category. “It has brought us in hundreds of thousands of additional revenue.”