Restonic Launches Media-Rich, Mobile-Based Retailer Toolbox

Restonic has unveiled its newly designed retailer toolbox, Originally launched in 2010, the site has been reengineered to deliver an Amazon-esque, mobile responsive digital shopping experience to retailers.

“Digital marketing has changed the way we do business and to better service our retail partners, we took a page out of Ama­zon’s playbook,” said Ron Passaglia, Restonic President and CEO. “As a company, Restonic invests heavily in supporting its retail part­ners’ success strategies, bridging the gap between manufacturing and merchandising to deliver a consistent brand experience. Our new BrandCentral is a real-time solution that addresses real retail challenges.”

The reconstruction of BrandCentral stemmed from a vision of creating a unified ecommerce platform for retailers, offering instantly synching shopping carts in a mobile-responsive environ­ment. By providing a seamless fulfillment ex­perience between retailers and manufacturer, Restonic aims to help amplify retail advertising efforts to the end-consumer.

The new site furnishes a custom­ized-to-the-user experience while deliv­ering quick access to valuable industry research, essential digital marketing strat­egies and effective promotional campaigns. In addition to offering upgraded person­al security for users, BrandCentral now makes its easier to access any asset from the site (with less than three clicks from search to download) and allows for storage of personal shopping preferences to make reordering simple.

“Supporting our retail partners to better reach today’s demanding digital consumer, we needed to ensure the engine powering this tool was optimized as well, which is why we adopt­ed a structured data model,” said Julia Rosien, Restonic Brand Director. “Our research prior to launch provided insights on the diversity of key­words being used and search patterns to allow us insights into an opportunity gap. In the end, we have a powerful tool that will make all of our brand assets much easier to find and use.”