Restonic Launches an Interactive Marketing Platform to Help Consumers Shop Smarter

More than a year in development, Restonic is introducing a consumer-focused interactive marketing program at the Summer Las Vegas Market. The company teamed up with Wright Global Graphics to develop Restonic Reality, a customized point-of-purchase and training platform that includes a downloadable, interactive app and video series that compliments its existing robust digital strategy.

Restonic’s research-driven marketing strategy focuses on enabling buyers to pick and choose the content they want to consume, which may vary whether they’re at home or in a store. According recent research from Restonic (to be released later in 2015), consumers in research-mode want to be able to quickly access information online, whether through the manufacturer’s website, videos or social media. At the point of purchase in the store, information delivered in short, digestible chunks can improve consumer confidence and pave the way for a smoother buying experience.

“Consumers have never been more educated—or hungry—for information,” said Ron Passaglia, president and CEO of Restonic Mattress Corporation. “Our interactive program offers infotainment in the form of video and helpful buying information in the form of a downloadable app. Combined with our strong digital presence, we’re letting our consumers know we’re there to serve them, when they’re ready to research how to improve their current sleep situation.”

The cutting-edge program is a dynamic solution that aims to empower retailers—serving as both an internal training tool for Retail Sales Associates and an interactive consumer experience at the point of sale. Utilizing three-dimensional graphics to simulate components, the web-based program sends details about the features and benefits for each mattress layer directly to a mobile device—maintaining a consistent marketing message between RSAs and consumers.

“This has been a collaborative effort from start to finish,” said WGG Senior Vice President of Business Development Don Wright. “When Restonic challenged us to create an interactive way to present components, we showed them how our RetaiLive technology can bring each layer to life. RetaiLive is one of our most diverse products. It allows us to customize marketing materials using a variety of mobile platforms that can add fun to the sales process.”

In 2014, Restonic launched an aggressive digital strategy, which paved the way for their exclusive digital publishing program—available to all authorized Restonic retailers. The company’s digital footprint has grown to incorporate a blogger outreach program that saw more than 22,000 online moms enter their “Go To Bed” contest. The lucky winner received an award winning ComfortCare Select mattress.

“In the confused world of mattress shopping, we’re focused on delivering engaging, informed content that serves as a tour guide to our consumers, which is where truly interactive marketing begins,” Passaglia explained. “Our goal is to deliver touch-points of content through various channels to help educate our consumers and increase their confidence in buying from an authorized Restonic retailer.”

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