Pure LatexBLISS Retailers ‘Learn and Earn’ Valuable Points

This year Pure LatexBLISS will add a new tier to its award winning “Learn and Earn” online training and awards program. Similar to the varying levels of travel rewards programs, the updated initiative will now include a “World’s Best Club” for its top 100 performing Retail Sales Associates. Top associates will be eligible to accrue double points, which can then be redeemed for higher-end prizes in the company’s dedicated awards mall.

Originally introduced in 2013, the Learn and Earn program was designed to help RSAs to become more educated on Pure LatexBLISS products, benefits, branding and messages. To date, the company has rewarded more than 800 prizes, including TVs, designer handbags, Pure LatexBLISS mattresses, Bose headsets, and cruises to participating RSAs.

Since the inception of the Learn and Earn initiative, Pure LatexBLISS has seen an increase in RSA’s knowledge of products and brand information. The increase in expertise results in an increase in mattress and accessory sales. Additionally, RSAs have been driven to learn more so that they can more effectively explain the unique features of latex and more efficiently sell products.

“The power of the Learn and Earn program as a training platform is immense, as we have a great group of RSAs that work continuously to improve and outperform the industry,” Pure LatexBLISS president Kurt Ling said. “We have seen an incredible boost in RSAs familiarity with the brand since the inception of the program, resulting in increased ticket sales and attachment rates on supplementary products such as toppers and pillows. We simply want to reward these outstanding associates for the phenomenal job they are doing.”

Participants in the World’s Best Club and new entrants to the Learn and Earn program can accumulate points, which are deposited into their rewards account, by watching online videos, taking online quizzes and answering daily questions regarding Pure LatexBLISS products, branding and the benefits of latex. The videos and questions are available to through an online portal. As a member of the “World’s Best Club,” the upper echelon of the program’s performers will be rewarded with a certificate honoring them for their work and dedication.

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