Protect-A-Bed Takes Residence At High Point

While many brands have been slowly moving away from High Point, Protect-A-Bed has doubled down with a new 5000 sq. ft. showroom. Continuing a year that has seen tremendous new growth for the company, the Protect-A-Bed showroom will feature programs and displays focused on supporting and enhancing retailer performance.

“We’re committed to our industry, and this new showroom provides us a way to better connect with and serve our retail partners,” said John Rachid, president of Protect-A-Bed. “High Point is still the seat of the furniture industry, and as we continue to rapidly expand our offerings, this new showroom provides an opportunity for us to walk retailers through the myriad of products and services we offer.”

Protect-A-Bed’s Grow the Retail Basket campaign will be a focal point of its High Point showroom. The campaign centers on the company’s six core strengths: Marketing, Product, Display, Training, Service and Trust. Multiple in-store displays will allow retailers to preview the look and feel of displays for their sales floors. The newest addition, Pillow Stack displays, are designed to drive excitement on the sales floor and increase sales through special pricing.

Protect-A-Bed will also present its newly introduced quarterly promotions that help retailers drive traffic, energize their sales staff and increase sales. Unique in the industry, these promotions are supported by a complete marketing tool kit that includes social media posts, advertising, in-store signage and spiffs.

The company will also exhibit its interactive Sleep Tailor diagnostic device at market. Using biometric models, Sleep Tailor combines choice selections with image and measurement data to narrow down pillow choices and engage both customers and sales staff. Additionally, Protect-A-Bed will spotlight its REM-Fit brand store. Designed to drive traffic and grow incremental sales, this in-store display includes a complete bed-in-a-box program that will help traditional retailers compete with online brands.

“We are truly evolving as a company,” said James Bell, CEO of Protect-A-Bed, “and digging-in at High Point is a way for us to anchor ourselves in the heart of the furniture industry as we continue to grow.”