Protect-A-Bed Heads To High Point With Proven In-Store Programs

Protect-A-Bed is bringing the beginnings of an entirely new in-store experience to its High Point showroom. Following the successful debut of a new racking and display system earlier this year, the top-of-bed maker has big plans for 2019—and will be previewing these strategic new point-of-sale programs at the fall market.  

“In under a year, we have begun to transform the retail experience by bringing the same innovation and adaptation of digital retailers to our brick and mortar partners,” said John Rachid, president of Protect-A-Bed. “With ticket increases up to 30%, the impact has been astounding. High Point will serve as a preview for our transformative strategies and big launches of 2019.” 

 Looking beyond transactional relationships, Protect-A-Bed is focused on building long-term partnerships with not only its customers, but with shoppers on the store level. Through the launch of consumer awareness campaigns, eye-catching displays and industry-leading training, the manufacturer has boosted sales both in the short and long terms for retailers. 

 Protect-A-Bed made a splash earlier this year with the launch of a new modular display system that is already making a real impact in the marketplace. After placing 400 of the displays in retail stores nationwide, “the feedback in terms of sales and experience has been overwhelmingly positive,” said Rachid. The displays help RSAs frame the sale, sell a complete sleep system and position pillows to move—in addition to delivering sales benefits in unassisted mass retail environments. 

“By examining what makes for the best retail experience from a shopper’s standpoint, we’ve been able to design an experience like no other,” said James Bell, CEO. 

 By combining displays with cutting-edge customization, augmented reality apps and interactive product selectors, Protect-A-Bed has brought the digital age to sleep retail. Backed by years of proven service and strategic partnerships, the brand is uniquely positioned to deliver the performance it promises.