Protect-A-Bed Brings “Grow the Retail Basket” To New York

With New York Home Fashions Market fast approaching, Protect-A-Bed is announcing some striking debuts for its Manhattan showroom.

“One of the key introductions we’ve made through our Grow the Retail Basket campaign is quarterly promotions,” said John Rachid, President of Protect-A-Bed. “Including everything from in-store signage advertising support, we have seen that our quarterly promotions have provided our retail partners the tools they need to drive in-store traffic.”

A key focus for the New York Market, Protect-A-Bed’s quarterly promotions program includes a “marketing tool kit” for retailers that includes national and social advertising support, in-store signage, access to industry-leading training and even a bonus program.

“We differ from many companies in this space, because we firmly believe that retailers, whether mass or single store, are our partners,” explained James Bell, CEO of Protect-A-Bed. “Through Grow the Retail Basket, we provide everything that they might need to increase awareness, without taking attention away from sales.”

In addition to quarterly promotions, Protect-A-Bed will also feature displays including Originals, Naturals, and Therm-A-Sleep Collections, latest in sleep and recovery technology from REM-Fit, and new Queen-sized Signature and Snow Cooling Pillows.

“When it comes to pillows, bigger is better,” Rachid continued. “That’s why we’re proud to announce both our Snow Cooling Pillow, and Signature Pillow to queen size. The new sizes provide something that consumers have long been asking for.”

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About Protect-A-Bed: Protect-A-Bed is focused on providing a clean, healthy and comfortable sleep environment for every home. With more than 30 years of experience in bedding protection product development, over 1,800 SKUs in 40 categories, multiple awards, and a presence in 48 countries, Protect-A-Bed is recognized as a worldwide leader in mattress protection, accessories and sleep technology innovation.