Profit Management Promotions Helps Save Vermont Retailer

Ken Harvey, owner of Bare Bones Furniture, thought his store’s 7-year rein was coming to an end after Hurricane Irene blew through the picturesque New England town.

As Vermont’s second largest city, Rutland rests between two mountain ranges and attracts thousands of tourists and for skiing, hiking, swimming and robust fall foliage. Many also chose to purchase second homes in the area and Bare Bones was happy to help them fill their homes with quality and comfortable furniture.

But with the decline of the economy over these past few years, Bare Bones customers were forced to let go of their vacation homes. Harvey clung to the hope that things would improve as he watched his sales volume plummet month by month.

When things seemed like they couldn’t get worse, Hurricane Irene struck, washing away roadways and obliterating any last glimmer of hope for Harvey.

Unable to pay his bills, fill sold orders it seemed Bare Bones would have to close. Harvey reached out to Profit Management Promotions

Ron Cooper, Director of Sales and Marketing for PMP, suggested Harvey liquidate old merchandise and jump-start a new business strategy designed to keep Bare Bones in business.

During the eight-week liquidation promotion, sales quadrupled allowing Bare Bones to remain open, pay their current bills and, even a few past ones too. Harvey was once again to fill sold orders and buy new merchandise. PMP introduced new advertising strategies, generated traffic and taught the Bare Bones sales force more effective selling techniques.

Harvey’s store continues to feel the impact of the recession, but due to PMP’s suggested restructuring, Bare Bones remains open, poised and ready to respond as the economy improves in the years ahead.

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About Profit Management Promotions: PMP was established in 1985 and has since become one of the nation’s leading furniture sales promotion, liquidation and consulting companies. Headquartered in Pennsylvania, the company maintains regional offices in New York, New Jersey, North Carolina, and now California.