Precision Textiles Shakes Up Its Marketing Strategy With Direct Mail

In an increasingly digital world where our inboxes are overwhelmed with promotional offers and solicitations, Precision Textiles is taking a more traditional route to promote its new IQFit Natural line—a 100% glass-free FR barrier. The company is utilizing a direct mail campaign, providing its partners with a tactile demonstration of this innovative new product—one that cannot be experienced electronically.

The initiative provides a hands-on resource for bedding manufacturers to utilize when specifying an FR barrier for mattress production. Complete with a product brochure, swatch card with product samples as well as a mini foam bun with an IQFit Natural FR sock, the mailer touts a bold visual. Each piece helps demonstrate the benefits of IQFit Natural, while making a clear comparison between fiberglass and cotton. The company anticipates the new strategy will help its partners make better-informed FR barrier sourcing decisions in an industry that is first and foremost driven by the touch and feel of the materials.

“While a mailer may seem like a dated tactic to some, we believe that in today’s technology-driven world that people are becoming numb to the myriad of digital approaches that are delivered to their inboxes daily,” said Keith Martin, vice president of Precision Textiles. “In our business, the tactile nature of the product is incredibly significant, making this tangible medium the perfect solution. Of course, we haven’t abandoned our digital efforts. Rather, we are weaving together a combination of marketing tactics to maximize our communication efforts.”