Pleasant Mattress Supports Retailers With Strong In-House Marketing Team

By building one of the largest in-house marketing and branding teams in the mattress industry, Pleasant Mattress is offering comprehensive support to its retail partners. Further strengthening the company’s position as a super-regional player offering a broad variety of authentic brands, the in-house team engineers the brand DNA, manages all external product design and has developed a full suite of design tools aimed at delivering a more robust selection of marketing materials to support retail sales. 

Under the leadership of Chief Brand Officer Niki Weber, who brings agency, start-up and client-side experience with brands like Adidas, DC Shoes, Gatorade, VISA and MINI to her role, the full-service department creates marketing materials that support the family of brands that ranges from value-priced to luxury lineups. 

Utilizing a reimagined approach to in-house brand development, the team was instrumental to the rebranding effort of Pleasant’s flagship McRoskey Mattress brand as well as the newly revamped AirFlex, an understated luxury brand designed to appeal to young consumers seeking high-quality, hand-crafted beds made with natural materials. 

Additionally, the team uses sophisticated tools like photo-realistic virtual room settings, 3D modeling and in-house photography to swiftly provide its retail partners with print and digital marketing materials—expediting the ROI of the placements. 

“Niki has helped build a world-class marketing and branding team that first created branding packages for our collections and is now expanding into helping our retail partners sell more,” said Rion Morgenstern, CEO of Pleasant Mattress. “When we decided to make an investment to build this team, we knew we needed exceptional professionals who could provide outstanding results. I believe we are the only independent manufacturer in the country with a team this deep and experienced.” 

In addition to Weber, the department includes leaders with diverse backgrounds. Shad Lambert, digital marketing director, brings experience working for companies like Beats By Dre, MTV and Red Bull. Vicente Montelongo, design director, has worked with digital agencies, creative studios and media brands along with brands like Anheuser-Busch, AirBnB, Red Bull, Xbox, Samsung and Vice. And Alondra Ibarra, digital content manager, has been with 

Pleasant Mattress since 2019, bringing versatility to her role by assisting with product photography, design projects as well as content development and social media. 

“Even though I’m not from within the bedding industry, I immediately saw that mattresses were this undiscovered gem and so much more than simply a mattress,” said Weber. “When well executed, a mattress will deliver quality and peaceful sleep and contributes to well-being and optimal health. There is an opportunity to leverage the brand story about the quality of the mattresses and the craftmanship that makes them so distinctive.”