Our Tips For Social Media Sharing

A while back we wrote about the value of content marketing. Content marketing is shared content (images, videos, blog articles, social media and even podcasts) that stimulates interest in a product or service but does not directly promote a brand. This form of engagement builds awareness of your store and what it offers consumers by providing useful information or memorable entertainment.

Content marketing remains a terrific way to engage with shoppers in between visits to your store. It also serves as a great reminder to your customers that you care about them—you like to provide them with resources, information and support even when you’re not directly selling them something.

Many manufacturers build content support into the deal when partnering with retailers. They offer their retail partners exclusive promotional materials and other content that can be utilized to drive both in-store and online traffic.

Sleep Shopper

Sleep Shopper bed

With the publication of our new consumer-facing magazine, Sleep Shopper, we are also offering our retail partners some new content to share with their customers! By visiting sleepretailer.com/sleep-shopper, you’ll have access to a whole new library of shareable content to post on social media.

From product guides with advice for valuable sleep solutions to past sleep science articles and brief introductions to various product categories and more, our library of articles will add new life to your social feed.

Tips For Sharing Sleep Shopper Articles On Social Media

Clickable Content: Pithy Standalone Excerpts Get Shares

When we post stories on social media, we approach it in a few ways. For news-y articles we like to share an interesting quote or sentence or two that doesn’t entirely rely on the title to inform it. The goal is to announce the news clearly and succinctly while also generating interest.

When we share more actionable articles having to do with sleep science or how-to’s on marketing, bedtime routines, etc., we tend to break them up into different sections and share the story with one stand-alone fact or advice. This way the reader doesn’t have to read the full article to take something important away from it. But at the same time, if they see the excerpt as valuable and interesting, they are more likely to click through, share or like the post.

Here’s an example:

Twitter Example

Linking Techniques

One option for tweeting (if you’re perpetually logged in to your store’s Twitter) is to click the tweet button at the bottom of each Sleep Retailer article (other news sites do this too).

Social Sharing

If you schedule your social channel content in advance and are not simply “retweeting with a comment,” we recommend that you shorten the links using https://bitly.com/ or another link shortening service to optimize them for social media.

Try Different Things For Different Channels And Audiences

This one is simple. What works for Twitter might not work for Facebook. Facebook is an arena for slightly longer posts (but not too long), while to-the-point is the way of the game for Twitter. For Instagram, focus on the visual and let the caption be a bonus (do you read the caption when you use Instagram?).

The more complicated part of this one is to always keep your audience in mind. Who do you want to reach? Most likely the answer is consumers. But think about the demographic. Does your store resonate with a specific audience? Do you want to keep it that way or branch out? As you work on planning your store’s marketing strategy both online and through additional routes, continually ask yourself these types of questions and let the answers inform and shape your approach.


It’s tempting to strive to reach all social media users all the time, but sometimes quality over quantity rings true—especially if you are managing a smaller store or small chain with limited bandwidth. While some companies might have the ability to hire employees dedicated to social media or even whole teams devoted to social media, many do not.

Our advice is to choose 1-3 social media channels (a number that you know you can manage) and focus on making that account(s) super strong. Be thoughtful and consistent with your posts (posting a similar amount per day and in a similar style seems to work) and be creative too!

Have Fun!

While there’s lots of tips and tricks out there for how to effectively manage social media, from our perspective, the most successful accounts seem to have distinctive voices, internal standards for managing their social presence and they seem to have fun with it. A viral video might work for some, but thoughtful, well-timed content consistently shared will slowly but surely build your following.

Remember that on your store’s social media accounts, it might take time to get into a posting groove in order to build your audience. And you might have to experiment a little bit to see what works best for each channel and audience. Be patient and enjoy the ride.

This article originally appeared in Sleep Retailer eNews on March 7, 2019.

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