Opt-in Helps Retailers Upgrade Their Customer Communication With Simple Texting Features

Opt-in helps retailers improve their communication strategies through easy-to-use mobile texting features. By giving businesses the ability to send appointment reminders, polls and review opportunities via text, the company’s customizable features help them modernize their communication, grow positive reviews and increase their brand awareness.

When it comes to communicating with businesses, the pandemic has had a significant impact on consumers’ experience—but this shift has been steadily growing even prior to last year. According to a survey by RingCentral, 78% of people would now prefer to communicate via text with a business. Additionally, studies show that 94% of sent text messages are opened within three minutes, while voicemail usage has dropped by 8% and average email open rates are just 22%.

Opt-in delivers valuable tools to upgrade any business’ communication strategy. Offering integration into both Google and Outlook Calendar, Opt-in enables stores owners to use these familiar platforms to schedule text appointments and delivery reminders. Retailers can also choose to add an automated poll and receive valuable feedback from customers via two-way texting, while increasing reviews on Google, Facebook or Yelp.

Simple, customizable and straightforward, Opt-in makes it easy for retailers to more effectively communicate with new and existing customers.

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