OMI Simplifies Organic Mattress Messaging With New POP

Organic Mattresses, Inc. will unveil new messaging and newly designed point-of-purchase materials as part of the debut of its Naturals by OMI collection at the Winter Las Vegas Market. As a thought leader in the organic and natural sleep industry, OMI has created POP which encourages its target consumers to align the same selection criteria they would use in purchasing other organic and natural products—such as food, cosmetics, flooring and paint—when they shop for mattresses.

“OMI is committed to presenting the benefits of organic and natural bedding in a positive, relevant and straight forward way,” said OMI Chief Executive Officer Kurt Ling. “We have found consumers that are looking to reduce or replace chemicals in their lives are not only looking to do so during the day, but at night too.”

Examining a wide range of natural product categories, OMI found that consumers are much more likely to buy any natural and organic products when they either eat, breathe, or absorb into the skin. With this very simple purchase criteria in mind, OMI has built its new merchandising and training materials around two main concepts: the air that is breathed in all night and what the skin absorbs while we sleep. Developed to simplify its naturals and organic messaging, the POP was also designed to help retail sales associates tell the company’s Healthy Lifestyle story.

“We speak our target market’s language when we ask them to think about how close their mouth and nose are to their mattress. We dimensionalize the message to them when we point out that their skin, the largest organ in their body, absorbs or osmoses what comes off the layers underneath them all night long as well,” Ling continued. “With this new POP program, our intent is to help retailers sell more product by narrowing the benefit message of naturals and organic bedding to the irreducible minimum. It is also a great way to remind RSAs of our brand’s most important benefits.”