OMI Helps Retailers Calculate “Organic Opportunity” In Their Market

By Gretchen Kast

Organic Mattresses, Inc. has introduced a new service to retailers called the Organic Demographic Study (ODS) that, for the first time, helps them calculate the size of the organic products market around their showrooms, proving that consumers are already purchasing organic and that retailers need to cater to this quickly growing segment.

With ODS, the manufacturer can analyze the retail area around a sleep products retailer and tell them the amount of organic products consumers are buying in their neighborhoods, as well as the kind of product categories they are purchasing. The analysis can be done as broadly as a 25 miles radius, or more narrow if a retailer chooses. ODS draws its information from multiple sources to make the report rich and dynamic. There are a variety of options and ways in which the data can be presented to retailers, allowing it to be tailored based on specifics needs and interests.

“Retailers tend to look at organic as a niche market, but with statistics showing 70 percent of families in the country regularly purchasing organic products, the category is actually much larger than it is typically perceived,” said OMI’s President and Founder Walt Bader. “If an independent bedding store is located near multiple fresh food markets, organic wellness centers and larger health-oriented shops, it is clear that the local consumers are aware of the positive benefits of these products. The fact that so many organic options in other markets are open to consumers proves that independent bedding retailers can successfully address this important mattress segment for their individual communities.”

This new service has gone through beta testing with several retailers and the response has been overwhelmingly positive. “Once we present the facts, many of them are amazed at just how large the market is for organic products,” Bader explains. “They begin to understand that there is a real and tangible difference between some buying natural and organic products and they can also see the willingness of these consumers to spend more on products they really want. It has changed the entire sales process for us.”