New innovations from XSENSOR to launch at Las Vegas Market

XSENSOR will launch four new products for mattress manufacturers and retailers to easily identify the best mattress for their customers’ sleeping styles at Las Vegas Market.

1. REVEAL Compare Software

Designed for retailers to compare 3 - 4 mattresses for their consumers, REVEAL Compare Software looks at pressure points and mattress support, giving the retailer increased ability to recommend the right mattress for consumers. The value of the REVEAL Compare Software is to reduce product returns and increase closing rates for retailers.

2. REVEAL Test Mattress

The REVEAL Test Mattress is a XSENSOR-approved test bed for the REVEAL Educate shopping experience. The REVEAL Test Mattress accurately measures pressure points, and recommends the right type of mattress for consumers.

3. LITE Kiosk

The LITE Kiosk is a simple to install less costly version of the high-end ARCH Kiosk offered by XSENSOR. The LITE Kiosk is attractive at retail, boasting a 24” touch screen display, and is available in black or white colours. Rebranding options are available to retailers.

4. REVEAL Educate Software for Manufacturers

REVEAL Educate Software for Manufacturers recommends your brand of beds to customers. The software is both easily rebranded and easily customized to your brand.

REVEAL uses an accurate pressure imaging system to display a dynamic, high resolution body pressure image to assist with mattress recommendations. The system has a simple three-step process that seamlessly guides salespeople through the REVEAL experience. Easy to use administrator tools including language selection, user dashboard, and custom branding provide flexible and powerful backend management. The technology builds customer trust through its unbiased and personalized selling approach about proper mattress conformity and support to relieve pressure points. As a result, customers can be confident they have found the right mattress for their body’s pressures.

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