Marshall Mattress Releases Archival Photo Book At Las Vegas Market

Marshall MattressMarshall Mattress is launching a new illustrated photo book during the Winter Las Vegas Market. Marshall Mattress: The Illustrated History of the World’s First Pocket Coil Spring Mattress explores the origins of the Pocket Coil Spring Mattress through archival photography and iconic advertisements spanning the first sixty-five years of its company history.

“The original Marshall Mattress patent was granted for both mattresses and cushions. Though there is a global familiarity with the term Marshall Coil, the company’s origins are less known,” said Bradley Warner, president and managing partner of Marshall Mattress. “Marshall mattresses were heralded as the world’s best mattresses with innovative design from the outset. Marshall bedding products furnished the British Cunard line’s luxury liners such as the Olympic, Titanic, Lusitania and Mauretania, along with placement in the finest hotels. We are excited to begin opening our archives and sharing our company history and its impact on the mattress and furniture industries through the invention of the Marshall Pocket Coil spring.”

Marshall Mattress soft-launched its new showroom during the 2017 summer Las Vegas Market. The showroom features both the Portfolio and Luxury Collections, in addition to the premium Bespoke collection. The five-model Bespoke is centered on the original hand-tufted bedding and finishing style developed at the turn of the 20th century. These models incorporate eucalyptus, New Zealand Wool, cotton and natural latex, along with Marshall Mattress’ patented, cotton-wrapped pocket spring system, resulting in luxurious comfort and a temperature-ambience ideal for restful sleep. As with all Marshall Mattress products, Bespoke by Marshall beds are handcrafted without foam encasement or gels, using the best of natural and new manmade materials.

In addition to highlighting its unique company history, Marshall Mattress is also set to introduce new mattress collections in 2018.