Malouf Displays Increase Accessory Sales Without Sacrificing Showroom Space

Malouf recently released a new over-bed accessories display and Walker Furniture and Best Mattress based in the Las Vegas area were the first of the brand’s Top 100 retail partners to install it. The Malouf Modern Marquee Display utilizes vertical space, so retailers don’t have to sacrifice mattress spots on the sales floor.

“This gorgeous display has become the central hub of the accessories department. Customers can see it from any angle in the showroom. They are asking more questions and engaging more with the products,” said Walker Furniture Buyer and Sales Manager Mike Landsman. “We have also noticed that people are being drawn to the higher end items that previously didn’t get a lot of attention. Now we have an environment that supports luxury products and premium prices.”

Showcased in the Malouf showroom at Las Vegas Market in July, the Marquee display is designed to fit the full assortment of Malouf accessories from sheets and pillows to mattress protectors. With easily adjustable shelves, the displays allow retailers to create their own product hierarchy based on their customer’s needs. The flexible display also allows for future product adjustments.

“The display really makes a statement in the showroom. Customers are especially drawn to the colorful pillows and are excited to check them out,” Best Mattress President David Mizrahi said. “It’s much easier for our RSAs to attach accessories to mattress sales now. We’re putting these displays in all our locations.”

The modern and clean visual concept envisioned by the Malouf in-house interior design team incorporated colors that let the products shine. Constructed to fit over King and Queen size mattresses or as a stand-alone display, the Marquee fits seamlessly into the sales floor so retail sales associates can smoothly introduce accessories to customers throughout the sales process.

Independent retailers, like Bayou Beds based in La., have also seen success with the displays. “This new display is a strong statement to your customers that you are committed to the bedding accessories category, which really drives up attachment rates,” said Malouf VP of Sales Mike Douglas.

Architectural drawings for the Marquee display are currently available to all retail partners on the Malouf Wholesale Resource Center. Custom buildouts are also available to select partners. Contact your Malouf sales rep for more information.


About Malouf: Known for innovation, quality and service, Malouf produces a wide range of bedding accessories from pillows and sheets to mattress protectors and toppers. Founded in 2003 and based out of Logan, Utah, Malouf offers premium sleep solutions in a range of price points to thousands of stores across the U.S.