Make a Great First Impression on the Retail Floor

When it comes to placing mattresses on your showroom floor, it is as much about having the right collections as it is, presenting the collection well. Dressing a mattress with appropriate top of bed, point-of-sale signage, increases a mattresses’ visibility, generates interest and improves sales. The product-marketing experts at Colonial, LLC apply their expertise to create top of bed displays, or point-of-sale signage, to help manufacturers draw attention to a mattress, or a mattress collection, once it’s on the retail floor. In many other industries this is referred to as product packaging (this is not, however, to be confused, with how a mattress is wrapped or boxed for delivery).

With only slight differences in appearance, even the most savvy mattress buyer can be overwhelmed when they enter a mattress store and are greeted by a sea of white boxes. By creating expressive point-of-sale displays, consumers are drawn to the most appealing mattress, often testing it out by sitting or lying on it before a sales representative reaches them.

Colonial takes it a step further then just aesthetics, ensuring the in-store point-of-sale displays also help communicate the key attributes and benefits of the mattress. A complete mattress display can include: pillows, shams, footers, headboards and other items such as banners, pylons and even adjustable bed rail covers. Combined, these point-of-sale items elevate the perceived value of the mattress and differentiate it from other stores, brands and even other collections within the same brand. Colonial’s senior vice president of sales and marketing Mark Hobson elaborates, “Getting noticed on the retail floors has a lot to do with how well it [a product] is displayed. Just like a home needs landscaping to enhance its curb appeal, a mattress needs to be displayed properly to gain attention on the show floor! That’s the role of display “packaging” within the mattress category.”

With expertise and experience in the mattress industry, Colonial knows the questions to ask to highlight and strengthen a product’s attributes differentiating it from the rest. “Colonial’s primary mission is to help our clients sell more mattresses. We work hard to first understand exactly what our clients’ unique needs and problems are, as well as what they would like most to accomplish,” Hobson adds.

Colonial explains their approach and process further, including how they can better help retailers and manufacturers increase revenues, on their new website. With Colonial, the in store packaging, and displays at point-of-sale, allow mattress brands to showcase their products and make great first impressions.

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