Magniflex USA Focuses On Digital Marketing

Magniflex USA is reaching a wider audience in 2019 by implementing a new digital marketing strategy. With the objective to support Magniflex with digital marketing campaigns, the strategy is focused on generating awareness for the brand’s mattress portfolio and driving traffic to the brand’s participating retail partners during monthly promotions.

Using search engine optimization, social media, ad retargeting and email campaigns, the brand is seeking to engage consumers with monthly promotions, motivate its target audience to take action and educate consumers about Magniflex’s wide range of sleep products. For the time being, the brand is utilizing Google search, Facebook and ad retargeting to accomplish its digital marketing goals, but the company intends to add additional social media platforms to its mix in the future.

Magniflex USA hopes its new campaign will help it establish a stronger presence in the U.S. market and increase consumer awareness of Magniflex as a premium Italian mattress brand that has been manufacturing high-quality products since 1962. The company has gained immense knowledge and experience over the years which contributes to the overall success of Magniflex worldwide.