Magniflex Unveils New Gallery Program to Showcase Brand Heritage

Magniflex will unveil a newly redesigned branding initiative at the Summer Las Vegas Market called the Magniflex Gallery program, to support its growing North American dealer network. Sporting a graphic concept that promotes the brand’s Italian heritage, the galleries will be offered in five and seven-bed configurations to make a visual impact on retail showroom floors.

The Magniflex Gallery program provides retailers with a stylish, customizable collection of Magniflex pillows and mattresses flanked by display banners and completed with foot-protectors, carpets, consumer catalogs and other point-of-purchase materials. The banners, which come with light-weight, easy-to-assemble frames, display Magniflex’s signature art that portrays scenes from Tuscany, Italy along with the tagline “Sleep is Life’s Greatest Pleasure.” In addition, the modular design enables retailers to customize the look at anytime. The Gallery program offers two different sizes with five and seven-bed configurations to accommodate a range of retail display scenarios.

“We’ve started previewing the Gallery concept to a few of our U.S. retailers and we’ve already had an extremely positive response, with several asking to add this to their floors immediately. We believe that’s because our dealers understand the value of this program. With a minimal investment, they add an eye-catching, sleek display of our handcrafted Italian mattresses to the floor. It’s really a stand-out vignette for any showroom,” said Magniflex North American Sales Manager Billy Curtright.

Magniflex fashioned the Gallery merchandising program after models it has placed in Europe and Asia, where it has served as a successful brand-building initiative.

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About Magniflex: Magniflex was founded over 50 years ago in a suburb of Florence, Italy, and today more than 35 million people in 80 countries sleep on Magniflex mattresses. Known as a world leader in quality, comfort and innovation, Magniflex was the first mattress company in the world to gain certifications from Oeko Tex. The company’s central manufacturing facility produces up to 10,000 mattresses a day, 80 percent of which are exported to countries such as Japan, Spain, Germany, Russia, the United States and Canada.