Live Furnish Delivers Product Photo Renderings

During these months of global shutdown, furniture and fabric companies are searching for innovative ways to showcase products to buyers. Traditionally these companies have relied on Furniture Markets around the world. With the closure or postponement of these markets, many are turning to new technologies to bring their products to showrooms.

One timely solution is Live Furnish based in High Point, NC. The company offers a new rapid prototyping, 3D image production technology that delivers the highest quality photo renderings of furniture and fabrics in a range of room settings. “We use a client’s CAD drawings, along with their fabric, wood, or metal finishes, to generate beautiful, life-like images of any product,” said Live Furnish Co-Founder, Preet Singh. “These images are generated without having to produce a physical product or hold an expensive photoshoot. Clients have their images within a few days, at a very low cost per image; and can use the images to begin selling immediately.”

The images can be used by a manufacturer to engage clients via their website, Instagram, Facebook, email campaigns, catalogs, brochures, print ads, online catalogs, or any other visual means. “A digital furniture experience can help support market growth and retention while standard shopping and shipping are challenged, as they are now,” added Singh.

Live Furnish’s new technology can save manufacturers and retailers more than 80 percent of the cost of image production and photoshoots. It allows sales teams to instantly customize and sell products from iPads or tablets. It also significantly improves speed-to-market by automating the steps of the supply chain, from prototyping to sampling and marketing content creation.

The company currently works with furniture and fabric companies throughout the world.