Jamison Releases Educational Video for New Collection

Jamison Bedding has released an educational video on the unique English Garden™ Collection, introduced at the recent High Point Market.

The new three-minute presentation is intended for retail sales training, in-store demonstrations and to provide information to consumers shopping online.

“Our objective with this new series, which retailers immediately recognized at market, was to create a themed bed collection with quality components and extraordinary visual appeal to women, at equally attractive price points from $499 to $999,” noted Ken Hinman, senior vice president of sales and marketing.

The video, which describes the new components and advantages of the eight-model line, “also was designed to duplicate the same peaceful mood and sense of well-being that one would experience in an authentic English Garden,” Hinman said.

“Based on the tremendous response we received from dealers during the show, it’s clear we succeeded in demonstrating the many parallels of experience between a traditional English garden and the looks and feels of this highly differentiated collection.”

Featuring custom botanic-patterned fabrics infused with Aloe Vera, the line incorporates three different versions of a new fabric-encased coil core called Palladian Smart Coil® technology.

The wrapped coils of each unit are connected at the sides but move freely at their tops and bottoms, molding to the body to provide exceptional conformance. The different Palladian Smart Coil units are designed to deliver extra firmness, added height or zoned comfort and support. The majority of the units are foam-encased.

The collection’s comfort layers include varying densities and combinations of premium foams, Jamison’s JGel™ memory foam, plus fiber and cotton-poly layers—all of which promote the beds’ contouring yet supportive feels.

“English Garden beds are designed to put the sleeper’s body in perfect symmetry for rest and relaxation,” Hinman said. “That was the basis for branding the line ‘The Natural Symmetry of Sleep’ and for adopting the informative but calming video style that we did.”

Exclusive fabrics for the line depict an “artist’s canvas” of Limon Green and Nautic Blue flowers modeled after popular English botanicals like Hydrangeas, Wisteria and Irises.

The film also describes the new Jamison TruBalance® foundation, which will be featured under all products this year, and emphasizes the new point-of-purchase program for the collection.

In-store elements include headboards with latticework and flowers; ceiling banners and framed art, plus stepping stone and ivy appliques—all intended to add excitement to the sales floor and to replicate the garden experience. Top-of-bed dressings feature superimposed photography of compelling English garden scenes.

For more information, visit www.jamisonbedding.com or view the video here.

About Jamison Bedding: Headquartered here, Jamison Bedding operates a mattress factory in nearby Gallatin and serves more than 400 retailers in the southeast U.S. and major hotels and resorts worldwide. The company’s “We Make Sleep Different” brand position reflects its longtime ethic of producing high quality products, expressed today in contemporary and appealing mattress designs that deliver superior values to both retailers and consumers.