Intellibed Unveils Gel Matrix Demo Video

Gel Matrix  is the primary comfort layer in all of Intellibed’s mattresses including the Signature Collection and Gelee Line. To demonstrate the Intellibed Gel Matrix ’s remarkable pressure relieving qualities, Intellibed recently debuted a pressure gauge video highlighting the importance of having Gel Matrix inside the mattress.  The digital force pressure gauge analyzes the amount of pressure and simulates the point at which blood flow to the hips and joints is restricted, leading to pressure points. The video shows that foam by itself wreaks havoc on hips and shoulders with pressure points, however, adding Gel Matrix completely changes the dynamics of pressure relief in your mattress.

Gel Matrix  is one of the only materials that is firm and soft at the same time, marking a significant disruption in the mattress industry. The video demonstrates how the combination of foam and Gel Matrix provides an optimal sleep surface that minimizes pressure points for better sleep.

For background:

  • Gel Matrix— The primary comfort layer in all of Intellibed’s mattresses, Gel Matrix mattresses provide the perfect balance of firm and soft dynamically adapting to every body type.
    • Intellibed Signature Collection—This is the flagship luxury health and wellness line, providing maximum back support, spinal alignment, and optimal pressure relief for hips and shoulders to improve your overall sleep quality. The mattress promises to be a long-term solution and comes complete with Intellibed’s industry-leading 20-year “no-nonsense” warranty.
    • Gelee—As a new brand of innovative mattresses and accessories featuring Gel Matrix technology, Gelee provides an alternate competitive Gel Matrix solution meeting the consumers' demand for the gel product category. When searching for the perfect mattress, consumers look for comfort, affordability, and durability, all of which Gelee provides at a competitive price point.


About Intellibed

Intellibed is a trusted category leader, providing scientifically-engineered products proven to help people achieve a better night's sleep. Headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah, Intellibed partners with mattress retailers across North America, transforming the sleep retail experience with their premium Gel Matrix® mattress and Smart Base technology.