Iconic Spring Air Bear Emerges From Hibernation

The Spring Air bear, a fixture in the mattress manufacturer’s advertising and marketing efforts until going into hibernation a decade ago, is back for an encore performance in a new campaign that touts Spring Air’s flagship Back Supporter line.

The bear, whose Goldilocks-esque routines gave rise to the “that just right feeling” tagline that Spring Air International still uses today, won’t be as visible in the newest campaign, but will remain a powerful symbol of how Back Supporter mattresses deliver the correct level of comfort and support.

“While you won’t see a live bear prancing around on our mattresses anymore, the animal drives home the message that our Back Supporter line has a wide range of comfort choices, so any consumer can find ‘that just right feeling’,” said Nick Bates, president of Spring Air International.  “People still associate our brand with the bear, even though it hasn’t been used by us officially in 10 years.”

The bear made its debut as Spring Air’s mascot in 1997, appearing in numerous television commercials and print advertisements. And for several years, a caricature of the bear was incorporated into the company’s logo, resting atop the blue triangle that is still used in all marketing materials.

In the new campaign, however, viewers will only get glimpses of the bear – a paw, its eyes, the top of its face and ears – as they are reminded about Spring Air’s heritage and the product’s appeal to modern consumers with busy lifestyles.

“The bear is a beloved icon of our brand, and as we launch the newly redesigned Back Supporter line, it’s fitting that we bring him back,” Bates said.

The campaign will be in digital, broadcast and print platforms. Television spots that can be customized for dealers in local markets also will be available.

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About Spring Air: Founded in 1926, Chelsea, Massachusetts-based Spring Air International is a leading U.S. bedding manufacturer and widely recognized consumer brand. The company boasts of its ability to service retail customers from north to south and coast to coast in the U.S. and is produced in more than 40 countries through its international network. The company is committed to helping retailers drive business while leveraging its reputation for trust and integrity inspired by its name.