How To Maximize The Visibility Of A New Line In Your Showroom

Brought to you by Flexhaven by Modway

When it comes to bringing a new product into your store, it can be tempting to plop it down and hope consumers notice. But if you’re hoping that your latest addition will bring new customers in the door, then you’ll have to think more broadly about the program and how you plan to market it. If no one knows you have a new line-up, how can it help drive traffic? In order to create significant buzz around a new product, you’ll need comprehensive support.

Here are just a few ways to select and successfully integrate a new lineup into your store to drive maximum traffic:

Deliver A High-Quality Solution

First and foremost, you need to floor a product you feel proud of. When buying something new for your showroom, think about why you’d buy it and what makes it different than other items you have and that your competitors offer. Once you’ve found something you’re excited about, those same reasons that convinced you will form the basis of your messaging to consumers.

Deploy a Multi-Platform Marketing Campaign

While online brands seem to have things figured out when it comes to marketing, they’re not always offering the highest quality options and many consumers are more put-off by purchasing a mattress sight unseen than they realize. Your in-store experience is a key differentiator. If you’re carrying a product that can’t be bought elsewhere online or that delivers a stronger value than what can be ordered in the mail, communicate that clearly. How do you make shopping in your store more fun than buying online, while keeping the experience similarly convenient? These messages should be spelled out in your marketing and, thankfully, you don’t actually have to handle it all in-house. By partnering with a brand that provides comprehensive marketing support, you can access robust marketing assets including extensive physical signage—truck wraps, sidewalk signs, outdoor posters—social media, email marketing and more! New products should never be a secret.

Make It Convenient

Can you work with a manufacturer that drop-ships? Is the product packaged such that a consumer can walk to their car with it? Part of why going to the store is nicer than buying online is the instant gratification—capitalize on that by making it possible for shoppers to easily transport products. While this can be challenging when it comes to mattresses, being thoughtful about how you can match and potentially exceed the convenience of online shopping is essential.

Choose A Differentiator In The Category

With quality, convenience and brick-and-mortar retail top of mind, Modway recently debuted its first-ever private-label mattress collection: Flexhaven. Motivated to help retailers succeed, Modway developed the Flexhaven collection exclusively for physical retail stores. And, the collection offers retailers a unique and well-supported product—a differentiator in the market.

Available in twin, full, queen, and king sizes, the 10” Flexhaven mattress offers unparalleled comfort at an economical price point. A durable quilted top and ventilated gel-infused memory foam combine to deliver an incredible night of sleep. Retailers will rest more easily too as this product—along with Modway’s comprehensive marketing support and drop-ship capabilities—make meaningfully introducing the collection simple.

“We saw stores partnering with mattress brands that sold the same products online,” says Yonatan Gordon, Director of Product Development. “After seeing this and asking current accounts for their feedback, we realized the need for a mattress program catered exclusively for stores.”

Keeping up with e-commerce competitors can be a challenge for in-store retailers, but the Flexhaven collection minimizes this challenge by offering a high-quality product with all the tools to successfully launch it in stores.


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