Helping Customers’ Select the Right Mattress





Pressure imaging systems continue to help major mattress manufacturers develop mattresses for increased comfort and retailers demonstrate how mattresses respond to a consumer’s unique body shapes and sleep needs.

Composed of hundreds of tiny, highly accurate sensors that measure pressure points and mattress conformity, XSENSOR Technology Corporation’s systems show real pressure images in an easy to use retail software program. Red areas indicate peak pressure points; yellow, green and blue areas show reduced pressure points.

Manufacturers use XSENSOR systems to design, test, and perform quality control on mattress products. Pressure imaging systems are also used in retail showrooms to help consumers understand how their bodies respond to a particular mattress.

“In our many years’ experience working with mattress retailers and manufacturers, we have realized the buying a new mattress can be very confusing experience for the consumer,” says Stephen Anstey, XSENSOR’s Director of Market Development. “XSENSOR’s Retail Mattress Systems allow sales professionals to work directly with consumers to select a mattress that distributes body pressure evenly with the goal of providing a better night’s sleep.”

Typically, retailers who use XSENSOR’s retail solutions will significantly improve their closing rates and increase average unit selling process (AUSP) while improving both customer confidence and satisfaction in their mattress purchase.

The easy-to-use, body-length bed pad sensor rests on top of the mattress, which allows the salesperson to demonstrate how a consumer’s body responds to that mattress.

“Our pressure imaging system actually shows a customer how her body’s pressure is distributed on a mattress,” Anstey continues. “As a result, people are buying better mattresses that are more suitable for their unique body types, and can finally get the sleep they want and deserve.” Sales professionals can also close more sales “because the system eliminates a lot of the mattress comfort guesswork.”

Anstey adds, “savvy retailers recognize that an investment in pressure imaging provides unparalleled financial returns and consumer satisfaction. It’s an accurate way to literally ‘sense’ your customers’ needs.”