Graphic Designer To Teach Augmented Reality Seminar At The Summer Las Vegas Market

At the upcoming summer Las Vegas market, the Specialty Sleep Association (SSA) will continue offering educational seminars for its members and other sleep industry attendees.  Taking place on Tuesday, July 31, 2018, one such seminar featuring California-based graphic designer Carla Green, of Clarity Designworks, will cover the cutting-edge topic, AR, in a presentation called, “Augmented Reality for the Rest of Us.”

In this presentation, Ms. Green will highlight the capabilities of Augmented Reality (AR) and share examples of brands currently using the technology, from custom applications by major corporations to an exciting new marketing tool called REVEALiO that makes AR an affordable and viable option for smaller organizations (“the rest of us”).

Carla Green, Graphic Designer and Seminar Presenter from Clarity Designworks

In basic terms, AR is the overlaying of virtual content such as images or video on top of reality, in the Pokémon Go application, users see their surroundings through their phone cameras with characters appearing in the frame, but AR can also be used in handheld business cards and other printed marketing materials. REVEALiO works via a mobile app on your smart phone to make any 2-D or static printed material come alive with a personal video message.

Before REVEALiO, adding AR to the marketing mix meant a big investment of time and money. This ingenious tool levels the playing field to make AR realistic for businesses that want to give it a try without breaking the bank. Using clear examples to show how the interface can lead to immediate engagement with customized call-to-action buttons, the presentation will illustrate how REVEALiO is more than just trendy technology. In addition, the presentation is meant to help participants get started with the user-friendly application, making AR accessible for less tech-savvy business owners.

Discussing AR for the average mattress/bedding retailer Ms. Green explains, “While many people have heard of Augmented Reality (AR), not so many really understand what it is. The Pokémon Go craze in 2016 gave AR mass-market attention, yet today, business owners remain largely unaware of how to leverage the power of AR to benefit their bottom line or don't think they can afford to implement it.”

Green continues, “We are in the early-adopter stage of using AR for marketing purposes, and that fact alone means anyone who uses it will stand out and get noticed because it’s so different, unexpected and frankly, pretty darn cool. It packs a strong one-two punch of impact and influence, which translates into being remembered by and staying top of mind with customers and prospects. The term “disruptive marketing” is popping up more and more and AR definitely falls into this category.”

“Our purpose is always to help our SSA members to shine and stand out in the marketplace, so when we learned about this new AR marketing tool called REVEALiO that makes print materials come alive with video, we knew it was a perfect cutting-edge topic to present to our SSA members as well as the entire bedding industry fraternity.  This tool appears to bring a new innovation into the hands of mattress and bedding marketers in such an affordable and streamlined way.  We are looking forward to this presentation!”

Learn more about Revealio with the video below: 

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