Gold Bond Focuses its Marketing Efforts

Gold Bond Mattress has decided not to renew the lease on the company’s Las Vegas World Market Center showroom instead focusing its marketing efforts on High Point and increasing personalized visits to retailers. Company executives will be at the Winter Market as attendees and will informally meet with dealers who are in attendance.

“The economy is having an affect on the independent dealers who make up the vast majority of our customer base. Over the past few markets, we have seen a precipitous decline in independent dealers attending the shows. We have made a hard decision to invest our dollars in High Point instead of Las Vegas, where we actually have seen an increase in traffic and business over the past few years,” said Gold Bond President Robert Naboicheck.

Naboicheck said for Gold Bond’s larger clients, the fact that Las Vegas has really become a “day and a half to two day” market made the time they can spend at each manufacturer’s showroom limited because they had so much ground to cover in so little time.

Naboicheck added that the company was also finding increased success from a program it started two years ago where it takes a truck on the road and meets directly with dealers in personalized visits more geared to each dealer’s needs.

“As basic as this sounds, we load a truck up with product, set a route and go town to town with pre-arranged meetings. We can pick specific product off the truck, set it up for the retailer, and because we are at their location, it is far more convenient for them to allocate time to us,” he added. “We had added many new clients as a result of this program and are looking to increase our resources in this area.”

Gold Bond also said it was spending more dollars on flying customers to its Connecticut showroom and meeting with clients at retail locations around the country.

“This new approach is more personal and more convenient for our clients. When they visit our showroom in Connecticut they aren’t limited – they are able to see all of our collections and we are able to spend time designing product for them. An added benefit to bringing our customers here is our ability to bring them into our factory and show them our production process, from start to finish. This makes for a great selling point as they can see the quality materials and handcrafting that goes into building a Gold Bond mattress,” he said.

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About Gold Bond: Founded in 1899, Gold Bond is one of the nation’s largest family-operated independent mattress, specialty sleep and futon manufacturers. The company is a leader in mattress manufacturing techniques and more than a century of experience bring product innovations, high manufacturing standards and executive leadership to the industry. Gold Bond products incorporate the latest comfort technologies in their futons and mattresses, such as Talalay Latex, encased coils, visco-elastic memory foam and gel. Gold Bond currently ships to 40 states and five countries, and its products are available at more than 500 retail showrooms.