Forever Foundations Offers Marketing for Updated Product Lines

Forever Store More MetroForever Foundations is expanding its product line with new designs and launching a vital message for retailers and consumers with the marketing platform, “Confidence Starts from the Foundation Up.”

Forever Foundations will be featuring its new convenience line with the Store More Metro design, offering easy and convenient storage, and the Store More Max, offering the same easy-access storage space with maximum surface support for high performance mattresses. “These solid steel foundation/ frame units have been designed to offer maximum strength and stability for the mattress, and modern, convenient, smart use of space in smaller living quarters,” says Rodgers. Accompanying these new products are original taglines to connect with the consumer. The Store More Metro inspires you to “Live Easier”, while the Store More Max is “For the way you live today.”

Forever Foundations will also be re-introducing the company’s Store More Hotel line. “These units are designed to take the roughest usage, virtually anything that can be expected to happen in a hotel room,” Rogers explains.

“Because they are open in construction they can be easily accessed for in-room luggage storage. They are both dust mite and bedbug resistant, and can be easily vacuumed and cleaned.” As such, the line carries the tagline, “Hotel Tough, Night After Night After Night!”

“For many years bed frames and foundations have been viewed as cheaply constructed, price-driven commodity items, almost an after-thought,” said company president Dennis Rodgers. Since the introduction of specialty sleep products in the mid-1990’s, people can invest thousands of dollars in a new mattress. Yet, many of these same consumers place these high performance mattresses on cheaply constructed frames and foundation systems. “Restorative sleep is best achieved with the finest mattress you can afford coupled with a strong, well-designed and high performance foundation frame. The frame support system should no more be a casual afterthought than is the selection and purchase of the mattress in the first place,” says Rodgers. Forever Foundations’ new marketing platform serves to emphasize the importance of choosing the right foundation.