Forever Foundations “Fills In the Gap” With New Value-Driven Program

Designed to increase attachment rates, sales and margins, Forever Foundation’s new “We Fill the Gap” program offers a full choice in foundations and bed frames to appeal to all ages and lifestyles, from millennials to empty-nesters. The company is unveiling the new marketing and sales program to retailers and mattress manufacturers at the Summer Las Vegas Market.

Retailers have offered traditional wooden foundations and bed-frames for years, but adjustable bed base sales have taken off recently, creating a whole new momentum for a new lifestyle-marketing program.

“Historically the choice has been to sell a mattress with a traditional style wooden foundation for a MSRP of $100 to $250. This was the price range deemed insurmountable by the industry,” explained company president Dennis Rodgers. “With the incredible success of the adjustable bases at price points from $800 to $2,000 and more, the price point ceiling certainly has been re-established. This has created a huge middle ground opportunity between the $250 foundation and the $800 power base, not only in price, but also product value, consumer value and profit opportunity.”

With an expanded selection of value-driven models under the “We Fill The Gap” program, Forever Foundations has created a middle-priced and higher-margin attachment foundation program that ranges in retail price from $399 to $699. The company has established a “good-better-best” solution to match the sale of the mattress, providing the retailer a strong profit opportunity and a unique sleep solution for the consumer.

“This is especially true for mattress sales to customers who may be larger and heavier (people who need more support), for modern-living customers who live in smaller spaces such as apartments and condos (people who need storage) and for people who are more health conscious (no dust mites, allergens or, bedbugs),” Rodgers stated. “We become part of the total solution, joining the overall sale of the “right” mattress, top-of-bed pillows, protection systems, and linens to the right choice of supporting the mattress with a Forever Foundation.”

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