Fabrictech International Launches Consumer Focused Website

Fabrictech International has launched a new, pro-active consumer and retailer-focused website to help consumers find the right protection systems for their mattress and pillows. With a focus on health and wellness, Fabrictech extends its belief that consumers and retailers alike can find the perfect mattress, pillow or box spring protectors to, “take back their bedroom.” With the new website, www.fabrictech.com, shoppers can choose their ideal protection.

Whether a consumer is exploring the website for encasement products and planning to shop at a store, or online, the new website clearly addresses each product’s potential. A consumer can click on a specific category or concern and learn about the key issues.

The website includes a “Virtual Protection Assistant” to further help shoppers and retailers to find the Perfect Protector for certain situations. This feature leads the customer to a series of five specific questions covering body temperature, bacteria, odors, fungi, moisture, stains, allergens, dust-mites and bedbugs. When a customer answers these questions, Fabrictech’s virtual assistant offers recommendations to address the issues selected.

“Our goal is not only to offer the most innovative and clinically tested ‘people protection’ products,” says company vice president of sales and marketing Sean Bergman, “but to make the shopping process simple and easy. We want our customers to have a sense of confidence and to know they have chosen the right product. We also want to help our retail partners so they can better serve their customers and increase sales and margins.”

The new website removes the mystery of product selection, offering convenient Mix and Match sections to create a perfect sleep environment protection system. The site lists a variety of advanced packages, including: “Total Allergy Protection,” “Total Bedbug Protection,” and “Total Health and Wellness.”

Fabrictech “health and wellness protectors” are recommended by over 12,000 physicians nationwide and offer retailers an opportunity to increase profits with improved accessory sales.

Visit www.fabrictech.com.