Eclipse Launches New Marketing Program

With a focus on the “real needs” of mattress consumers, retailers and licensees, Eclipse is introducing a new marketing program, to highlight the company’s clinically-tested, patented, and patent-pending proprietary bedding technologies. The company is introducing a series of trade advertisements, point of purchase, and other marketing tools that focus on the critical requirements of healthy sleep: support, spinal alignment, comfort, lasting performance, and real quality for the price the consumer pays.

“The majority of the mattress brands have been embracing the latest marketing ‘bells and whistles’, and seem to have forgotten about the fundamentals of support, alignment, comfort, lasting performance and real quality for the price the customer pays,” says company president Matt Connolly. “Naturally, we offer all the new technologies that any other brand features such as gel, gel-foam, natural latex, open-celled engineered foams, air-flow materials, temperature control, and phase-change materials. But more importantly, we design and build all our Eclipse and Eastman House mattresses with our own clinically-tested, proprietary construction features with a commitment to providing fundamental support, alignment, comfort, performance and real value.” The company’s focus is on the fundamentals, or “what really matters in designing and producing beds for healthy sleep. Our central message to consumers and our retail partners is that the Eclipse and Eastman House brands are designed and built to address ‘what really matters’ in mattresses…namely the fundamentals of better sleep.”

The company’s unique design and construction elements include the patented Spinal Zone, Life Edge, Spinal Zone Quilting and the patent-pending ModuCoil Modular Foam Technology. “These mattress building blocks are second-to-none”, says Connolly. “Using these patented elements, we create mattress sets that really address the fundamental issues, the heart of superior and healthy sleep. We give the retailer something concrete to sell to today’s discerning consumers.”