Dormeo Takes a Look at How Brits Use Their Extra Hour

The results of a nationwide survey of 2,197 people have revealed that 75% of Brits preferred to stay in bed for the extra hour last weekend, rather than using it to be productive.

Memory foam mattress experts Dormeo launched the poll in October, in an attempt to find out about the UK’s habits when it came to having one hour given back to you. As well as choosing between having a ‘Power Hour’ or ‘Snooze’, respondents revealed which activities they were most likely to take part in for the extra hour of daylight savings.

Dormeo_PieChartThe results found that 12% used the time to read, 12% to catch up on TV, while a massive 35% simply slept. ‘Team Power Hour’ generally spent the time exercising (7%), and organizing (5%).

Managing Director of Dormeo Mike Pitt recognized the universal feeling of ‘not having enough time in the day’, saying, “People today have such hectic schedules. Working longer hours, commuting over longer distances, taking care of the little ones and so on can be draining. One extra hour to either get things done or recharge your batteries can have a massively positive impact.”

Pitt continued, “As the results show, people really appreciate being able to do things like read, organize and declutter, which they may not usually have the time to do, even just for an hour. At Dormeo, we would always recommend that everyone gets between 7 and 9 hours sleep each night, and are glad to see the results of the poll show that many did use it as an opportunity to have some downtime.”

The UK’s clocks went back an hour on 25 October, marking the end of daylight savings. It has been 99 years since the clocks first went back in the UK in 1916.

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