Dormeo Expands Ad Campaign to Include All National Networks

Dormeo N.A. will begin a non-flighted run of its brand new two, five and thirty minute ad campaign continuously on several leading national cable channels including but not limited to CNN, Fox News, VH1, Bravo, and Discovery Fit and Health. Dormeo is investing its advertising dollars to boost brand awareness, educate consumers on what constitutes a good night’s sleep, the benefits of the company’s revolutionary Octaspring technology and ultimately drive traffic to its website and retailers across the country.

The new commercial spot is designed to teach consumers what to look for when searching for a good night’s sleep while also touting the benefits of the innovative Octaspring and its “best of both worlds” appeal. It uses classic demonstrations to show why Dormeo’s mattresses are more breathable and more comfortable than typical memory foam and traditional spring mattresses, dubbing its mattress the only “true hybrid”.

“We have always invested heavily in our DRTV campaigns and because of the growing success of our mattress collections in the United States and our new rebranding strategy, we felt we needed to make an even bigger impact in the DRTV space in 2014,” said Dormeo Chief Marketing Officer Dany Sfeir. “Our new TV ads will run continuously week to week on all major National cable channels, increasing our brand awareness immensely and strengthening our commitment to the DRTV space, which is what differentiates us from our competitors. We believe that educating the consumer will create awareness of typical sleep problems and then through our new aggressive television campaign, we can direct shoppers to our product as a solution to those issues. We are confident that investing in this amped up DRTV campaign will drive traffic and sales.”