Danican Highlights Extensive, Flexible Private Label Program

Danican is spotlighting its ever-expanding private label programs at the winter Las Vegas Market. Aiming its messaging directly at a whole variety of private label customers, Danican has also created a “Guide To Private Label” and developed new messaging and tools to “bring private label programs to life “ for every customer.

“Our goal is to make private label programs go smoothly for our customers,” explained Thomas Frismodt, Danican’s CEO. “We manage the product development, manufacturing, quality assurance and the logistics involved in bringing any kind of mattress and bedding accessories branding program to life. Our core focus is working together with our clients as a team to build their private label programs. It is important to know that bringing private label to life is not an after-thought or side venture for us. We work for our clients—to complete our clients, not compete with our clients.”

Danican delivers flexibility in quality, value and price point with its private label product offerings. It also offers the choice of complete container loads, “mix and match” programs and its exclusive “less than container load” (“LCL”) program.

As part of its private label marketing initiative, Danican will also introduce new packaging options including colored boxes and sheet-set packaging to enhance shipping, handling and branding messages.

At the winter market, Danican will debut a wide range of new products that feature contemporary fashion styles and unique technologies. The company’s pillows, protectors, duvets, mattress pads and sheet sets will be available with Bamboo rayon, Tencel or Lyocell—in addition to moisture-wicking natural fills, cooling phase-change materials and color-change technologies.  Danican will also offer new mattress constructions and technologies designed to regulate temperature and conform correctly with adjustable bed frames. Finally, the company will also showcase its new “down around” pillow, which will have either a laser cut or solid memory foam core with a duck feather covering layer.

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