Comfort Solutions Releases Retailer Video About New Flare Mattress Advance

Following the launch of its new Flare™ mattress design at the recent Las Vegas Market, Comfort Solutions has released an educational video on the patent-pending innovation targeted to bedding retailers across the country.

The three-minute video highlights the results of consumer research the company conducted prior to introducing its exclusive Flare concept in January.

The research, which encompassed surveys of primarily women 25 to 64 as well as mall intercepts, revealed that more than two-thirds of consumers say their sleep is disturbed by their partner’s movements.

“One third indicated that space issues prevented them from buying a bigger mattress,” noted company president and COO, Dave Roberts, “while 82 percent said they would choose a Flare queen over a traditional queen mattress.”

Borrowing from the product’s tagline “Supersize Your Sleep™,” the video encourages retailers to “supersize [their] traffic, AUSP, sales, profits and market share.” It also promotes the Flare Mattress Sheet Guide (also viewable at which lists stores, sheet brands, sizes and deep pocket measurements that accommodate Flare beds of any size.

For shoppers who want custom-made sheets, Comfort Solutions will offer its own branded series of Flare sheet sets. The proprietary line will be made available at in the near future.

The Flare’s trapezoid configuration adds a full half-foot of extra sleeping space to virtually any Comfort Solutions-brand mattress size or construction while enhancing edge durability—a compelling and powerful advantage that decreases motion disturbance, promoting uninterrupted sleep.

The extra half-foot of sleep space (three inches on each side of the mattress) is added without changing the matching foundation and without requiring a new bed frame or new bed furniture.