Colonial’s New Video Series Reveals Key Tips For Increasing Sales

A leading branding and display specialist for over 25 years, Colonial LLC helps mattress manufacturers and retailers develop effective in-store marketing solutions. More than just an embroidery or promotional top-of-bed designer, the company works closely with their clients to develop unique materials that elevate brand awareness, maximize sales effectiveness and increase cost efficiency. Using this consultative approach, Colonial helps their clients not only sell more beds, but more better beds.

Colonial recently launched a brand new website that clearly communicates and exemplifies these goals. With a sleek design and an easy-to-navigate layout, the new site outlines the ways in which the company helps retailers differentiate their product offerings and increase their sales revenues. As part of the new website launch, Colonial also introduced a series of videos for its “Colonial Rules” program.

For retailers and manufacturers looking to elevate their branding and display tactics, the “Colonial Rules” videos are a great place to start. These short video clips dynamically showcase the 12 design principles that Colonial utilizes when developing custom solutions for its clients. Backed by comprehensive market research, these principles go beyond just visual appeal alone. They offer a wide variety of tools and strategies that balance retail branding objectives with key sales goals and cost efficiency measures. These objectives can include raising in-store visibility, increasing retail conversion rate, shortening the RSA training cycle—or even lowering the costs of materials sourcing and install set-up. Ultimately, when employed effectively, the “Colonial Rules” aim to drive incremental revenues and increase market share. Colonial has even paired each rule with a striking digital image, intended to immediately trigger a reminder of the specific principle.

While every client has its own unique set of priorities and challenges, these key rules ensure that their materials are covering all of the most integral design bases. By focusing on every facet of the sales and development process, from design to manufacturing to fulfillment, the “Colonial Rules” series lays out comprehensive groundwork on which successful branding solutions can be developed. As retailers and manufacturers start to employ these principles within their own businesses, Colonial is available to help solve any issues they may face or provide more detailed consulting.

You can watch an introductory video to the “Colonial Rules” online now - and then sign up to have more of the videos delivered straight to your inbox.

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