Colonial Unveils Two Unique Marketing Opportunities

colonialColonial LLC, the branding and display company that specializes in helping their clients sell more beds, will be rolling out two new marketing solutions in the coming year. Designed to shape the consumer’s mattress-shopping experience, Colonial’s new and affordable display headboard program makes a bold, visible statement while the company’s new scent marketing initiative takes a more subtle approach. Both introductions are intended to drive consumers to specific brands or products and help elevate mattress sales.

The first introduction for 2014 is a new line-up of POP headboards. Just as top-of-bed materials changed the way mattresses were marketed in-store, dramatic POP headboards have been hugely influential in recent years. With strong details and branding, headboards have proved successful in making beds stand out on showroom floors.

Colonial’s research and development team recognized that many of today’s POP headboards are beautifully but expensively constructed and designed to stay on the sales floor much longer than their associated mattress collections. This raises the initial investment needed and limits their usage. For manufacturers and retailers who want to make a strong impact but are not prepared to invest as much, Colonial has come up with a cost-effective solution.

Teaming up with a national display company in an exclusive partnership, Colonial delved into materials-science research to develop a headboard that more closely mirrors the typical life cycle of popular mattress collections. Using state-of-the-art designs and cost-engineered materials, these displays feature eye-catching graphics and optional upgrades such as layering, contouring and even LED lighting. The new program is a cost-effective way to make a mattress collection more competitive and stand out on the retail floor, with the price starting between $100 and $125 per display.

Colonial will also unveil an entirely new branding and sales opportunity for mattress manufacturers and retailers in 2014. The company has developed a program that harnesses the powerful influence and rapidly growing appeal of aromatherapy science, or “scent marketing,” at retail.

With this new program, Colonial offers aromatic sachets that can be incorporated into the pillow shams on the display beds. These scents create a relaxing environment for rest-testing and can even establish a signature aroma to be associated with a specific mattress collection or brand. Scent is one of the strongest senses, with the ability to convey certain emotions and memories and also shape perception. Such a unique marketing approach goes beyond the traditional, visual displays to enhance the consumer shopping environment while reducing stress and potentially leading to more sales.

Colonial provides not only an innovative consumer experience with this opportunity, but also an affordable marketing program with a positive sales impact. Scent has been proven to increase the retail consumers dwell time as well as the average amount that they spend. With the price per bed at less than $7, this program is a truly affordable way for manufacturers and retailers to market their products.

Both of these new marketing opportunities follow Colonial’s commitment to solving client problems by offering solutions to keep consumers in retail stores longer. By creating a comfortable and eye-catching shopping environment, Colonial helps salespeople close sales and sell more beds.