Colonial Reports Dressed Beds Increase Sales

With brand strategy, sales effectiveness, and manufacturing expertise, Colonial LLC is much more than just an embroidery or Top of Bed company. Colonial, founded in 1982, helps manufacturers and retailers sell more mattresses.

Colonial works with many manufacturers, from the majors to the minors, to design and create an effective and efficient, in-store display and branding strategy. With extensive planning and discussion, Colonial can help manufacturers address market concerns or hesitations to ensure retail success. Created around each floor sample, a mattress dressed with Colonial’s complete display packaging stands out and draws in customers often confused by the many choices and brands. Once the brand packaging has been formulated, Colonial continues its efforts in assuring every detail is visible to consumers allowing the retail sales team to be as productive and knowledgeable as possible.

Mark Hobson, senior vice president of sales and marketing, elaborates, “As attention is drawn to a specific brand and an appropriately decorated floor sample, consumers respond by focusing more on the bed and its features. This elevates the bed’s perceived value to the consumer.” That elevated value leads to greater sales.

Complimented by available pillows, shams, and headboards, the embroidered and printed Top of Bed displays can include flaps and pockets for price cards, information sheets, and more. These tools benefit retail sales teams by providing the product specifics in an efficient, visible and straightforward way. Extensive experience and broad resources set Colonial apart from the competition. With a solid foundation in the mattress industry, Colonial makes this category a priority. Their focus and industry knowledge enables Colonial to work with manufacturers to develop and execute the appropriate brand strategy.

From design to manufacturing, packing and distribution, every aspect of the process can be done in-house. With four factories domestically and additional manufacturing capabilities offshore, Colonial has the capacity to guarantee the entire package of Top of Bed products and displays will arrive at the same time as the floor samples. This means that the retailer can immediately dress up their displays and begin selling.

Hobson states, “Our job does not end once the concept is developed. We know when our finished product arrives at the retail store that it is of our highest quality and will aid the retailers in selling more mattresses.” Colonial provides solutions for both manufacturers and retailers, and is an integral part of the retail sale.

With Colonials experience and longevity in the category, expertise in both branding and marketing as well as the right facilities to produce the product, Colonial offers its clients a cost effective way to gain brand exposure in retail stores, elevate the consumer experience and increase overall sales revenue.