Colonial Determines Valuable Consumer Insights with Qualitative Study on In-Store Marketing

As part of the company’s ongoing commitment to in-depth consumer research, Colonial LLC just announced the completion of a qualitative research study on in-store mattress marketing. Conducted over a three-day period, Colonial interviewed over 150 qualified consumers at the Charlotte Home Show, uncovering a wealth of insights that are sure to prove beneficial for mattress manufacturers and retailers.

This qualitative study follows up on the quantitative study Colonial conducted in 2013, which focused on the impact of de sign on the consumer’s perceptions of quality, value and appeal of a particular mattress. Together, these studies are the first of their kind—focusing solely on the in-store marketing and packaging within the sleep retail environment.

Designed to provide insight into the key display areas, the study focused on the details that most impact the mattress consumer when shopping in a retail store. Study participants included a qualified population that adequately reflected typical mattress consumer demographics: primarily women with a family income above $75,000 per year. Setting up 20 identical beds, each dressed with a different top of-bed display, professional research associates from Americas Research Group interviewed qualified consumers about branding, visibility, fabric and design preferences, product and spec card usage and pricing strategy.

By working with professional third-party research associates and qualified participants, Colonial continues to take the most credible approach to determining the most successful in-store marketing practices. With the completion of this most recent study, Colonial now has a comprehensive range of valuable insights that can really change the dynamic for any brand.

Colonial’s business focus has always been centered squarely on research and sales. Though innovative technologies and flashy displays may attract attention, Colonial’s goal is to develop the most effective marketing in order to sell more beds. By not only observing what consumers buy but also how they approach the mattress buying process (from presale planning to in-store rest-testing), this exhaustive research study clearly determined the best practices any retailer can employ within their own store.