CloudTags Connects the Digital and Physical Store Experience

CloudTags has partnered with American Signature, Inc to offer a first-of-its-kind shopping experience. The furniture store has begun using the CloudTags technology solution to allow customers to seamlessly shop online and in-store. This innovative customer tablet experience allows shoppers to explore physical stores digitally, discover relevant content and products, and connect home and store research—with no app download, login or signup required. The strategic initiative is already delivering big results and American Signature is planning a phased rollout in 20+ stores across the east coast.

“Furniture shopping is undergoing a metamorphosis,” says Steve Haffer, American Signature’s CIO. “We’re leading this change with investment and innovation in best-of-breed omnichannel technologies, like CloudTags.”

As part of the program, customers are offered a CloudTags-enabled tablet upon entering the store and tap on special product tags placed on each product throughout the showroom. Using digital sensors and NFC technology, the tablet helps guide shoppers’ purchase decisions by offering detailed content on product features, reviews, real time availability and delivery dates and related online-only products. It also analyzes which items each shopper has interacted with to deliver increasingly personalized product recommendations and alerts based on location data and individual interests. All of this functionality is immediately available to shoppers without forcing login, signup or app download upfront.

CloudTags tablets are seamlessly integrated into American Signature’s EASY PASS omnichannel shopping cart system to allow shoppers to pass product wish lists between the web and store—ensuring a connected experience whether they start exploring online before the store visit or start in the store and continue afterward. Shoppers can easily save in-store research to purchase later and sign-up to receive their own curated product lists via email. For American Signature, the resulting data also provides a new key way for them to understand who their shoppers are prior to purchase, predict what they want to buy in the future and reengage them intelligently to increase average order value.

This unified, customer-centric approach to connecting online and offline is already yielding major gains in terms of sales and engagement, including:

  • ƒ 95% of customer emails collected through customer tablets were previously unknown to the brand
  • ƒ 23% clickthrough rate from in-store remarketing emails sent with their collections
  • ƒ 20% higher Average Order Value for tablet users in post-visit purchases

“On average, more than 85% of the customers in a retail store are unknown to the brand,” said James Yancey, CEO and co-founder of CloudTags. “CloudTags provides a high-value, opt-in way for retailers to improve the store experience through new insight into store shoppers’ intent and browsing behavior, as well as continue the relationship after the shopper leaves the store. This is particularly important for high-consideration brands and purchases, and we are excited to work with American Signature as a pioneer and innovator in merging home and store shopping.”

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