Carolina Mattress Guild Brands Luxury Division “Scott & DuVal”

The new luxury division of Carolina Mattress Guild, Scott & DuVal, is rooted in the family histories of founders Neal Grigg and Eric Hinshaw. The brand’s new name gives the consumer a rich, factual history of the two families.

“We believe that the ‘Scott & DuVal’ name exemplifies our commitment to a history of quality,” said Eric Hinshaw. Each of the models produced under the Scott & DuVal brand will represent that history, bearing meticulous attention to detail and complexities at every turn.

The DuVal name began in the Loire Valley of France in the 15th century. After immigrating to the United States and taking residence in Maryland, the DuVals became quite successful in the farming industry. Perseverance and business savvy were family traits inherited by Neal Grigg. He continued to build upon his family’s American Dream and opened his own company, Carolina Mat-tress Guild, in 1991.

The Scott name is inspired by Eric Hinshaw’s family lineage, who have lived in North Carolina for centuries with a history that traces back through the American Revolutionary War. Inheriting a sense of tenacity and determination, Hinshaw is a 30 year veteran in the bedding manufacturing industry, with a deep understanding of innovation and ingenuity.

Joining forces with Neal and Carolina Mattress Guild, the pair dreamt of a product line that would exude opulence, enhance the science of sleep, and adhere to the standards of handcrafted excellence that had brought them both to the forefront of their industry.

Scott & DuVal’s debut introductions will utilize creative foams and distinct innerspring base constructions. Of these new introduc-tions, Hinshaw said, “the premiere Scott and DuVal products will be wrapped in luxury. The sleep systems themselves will use the newest and most innovative constructions, whether foam or innerspring based, that provide the proper support and maximum comfort.”

Hinshaw explained, “the top covers, borders and bases will have a look that has never been seen before, but at the same time, will exude old world elegance and a feeling of opulence. Most consumers are first drawn to an ultra premium bed by its appearance, but are sold by feel and comfort. We plan on capturing their heart at first sight.”

Scott & DuVal will premiere at this October’s High Point Furniture Market alongside Carolina Mattress Guild products, with a line of luxury sleep products that made use of the talents and traits passed down by its namesakes. Consumers appreciate the consistent, premium quality that Scott & DuVal provides and retailers know their customers will never be disappointed. Scott & DuVal holds themselves true to their illustrious history with the tagline: “International Purveyors of Luxurious Sleep.”