Carolina Mattress Guild and “Going Green”

Carolina_Fresh Touch EleganceAs consumers continue to educate themselves on their carbon footprints, and more and more research the ingredients and materials in their products, they are looking to mattress manufacturers to take ownership of their social responsibility. This growing green movement has inspired action from Carolina Mattress Guild as the industry looks to shift to more eco-friendly sleep systems.

Already a “green” manufacturer, Carolina Mattress Guild is a small, American company that utilizes bio-based ingredients and all-American components. Plus, the manufacturer continues to purchase CertiPUR-US certified foams and has done so since before the certification existed.

These key elements make the company’s carbon footprint relatively small, however, Carolina Mattress Guild did not stop there. The manufacturer joined the Sustainable Furnishings Council (SFC), which provides the tools needed to push further—to learn about new and innovative ways to decrease waste and energy usage, to utilize more renewable resources in original ways, to help inspire and educate retail partners, and to connect with vendors, retailers, designers and others who share Carolina Mattress Guild’s mission.

In addition, by joining SFC, the manufacturer wanted to continue to aid consumers in truly qualifying what the company has labeled as “eco-friendly.” Furthering consumer research of organizations and understanding the qualifications that Carolina Mattress Guild’s products fulfill, third parties are actively certifying products on behalf of concerned consumers. Having an objective third party verify claims made in a marketing initiative can make a difference in consumers’ mattress purchase decisions.