Caber Sure Fit Offers Mattress Warranty Program

Ontario-based Caber Sure Fit will introduce a point-of-purchase Mattress Care by DreamSerene™ mattress protection plan at the upcoming Las Vegas Market.

Mattress Care extends the retailer’s comfort guarantee and protects mattresses against stains, odors, defects, rips, tears, punctures and burns.

“This program is a great way for dealers to increase sales while providing their consumers with an added insurance policy. Unlike a manufacturer’s warranty, Mattress Care protects against far more incidentals, including accidental damage, which adds significant value to the consumer,” said Caber Sure Fit President and CEO, Bernard Weinstein.

Retailers offering the Mattress Care program will receive all point of sale materials and sales associate training. A 100 percent cost coverage rebate is also included for a mattress that is exchanged due to a permanent stain in the event that the mattress protector failed.

The Mattress Care protection kit offers four key benefits:

• Ten Year Spillage Warranty: Includes a stain removal spray, in-home stain removal service, exchange credit for mattress replacement and a toll free number consumers can call for stain removal advice.

• Three Year Odor Warranty: Offers in-home odor removal service and access to the toll free stain and odor removal phone number.

• Three Year Enhanced Service Warranty: Protects against accidental rips, tears and burns and covers an in-home repair service. An exchange credit for a mattress replacement due to a permanent stain is also covered and it protects against defects in workmanship and materials as well as replacement products due to a manufacturer’s defect.

• Three Month Extended Comfort: Included in addition to the dealer’s existing comfort exchange offer.