Boyd Returns to High Point With Broyhill and Thomasville Programs

Following a nine-year hiatus, Boyd Specialty Sleep is returning to the High Point Market to introduce its new Broyhill and Thomasville bed collections and sleep accessories.

“These programs have many patented features, design exclusives and great aesthetics and they cover a spectrum of feels and price points,” noted company president Denny Boyd. The new Broyhill Sensura and Thomasville Natural Flex collections feature Boyd’s patented FoamSpring Support base. These two lines, along with the Thomasville Synchrony collection, also offer models that feature Intelli-Temp phase-change fabrics for temperature-neutral sleep and the company’s patented edge support system, which maximizes sleeping space by delivering a consistent feel across the entire mattress surface.

The seven-model Broyhill Sensura gel and memory foam collection is intended to penetrate strong innerspring price points. Depending on the model, the FoamSpring Support base is topped with varying combinations of gel memory foam and memory foam layers. The top-of-the-line bed incorporates a channel-cut gel memory foam layer with a 27-inch-wide band of solid gel across the lumbar section.

Broyhill SensuraRanging in height from eight to 14 inches, the Broyhill Sensura models offer a number of feels from medium-firm to plush, all in luxury-top styles. The beds are dressed in unique blends of ultra-premium stretch knits fabrics, textures and colors.

Also under the Broyhill mark, Boyd will show four new standard pillows that feature memory foam, gel memory foam or a solid gel/gel memory foam combination, along with a gel memory foam topper program. The two-, three- and four-inch toppers have dense poly-foam bottoms for support and features tri-zoning for enhanced support and perforation for cooling in the top two models.

Boyd will also present two new latex lines under the high-end Thomasville brand: the Natural Flex Ultra and the Natural Flex Su-preme series, both available for shipment at the end of October.

The four-model Natural Flex Ultra line uses zoned Talalay latex cut in a new channel venting design and combined with other latex and premium foam layers. With profiles from 13 to 16 inches high, “these beds reflect the quality, look and feel that Thomasville customers expect and are willing to pay for,” Boyd said.

To cover the complete scope of latex customers and price points, Boyd is also showing a “sister latex series” under the Thomasville Natural Flex Supreme name. A three-model line, the Supreme series features Dunlop latex, channel-venting, patented edge support features, as well as shorter profiles from 10 to 13 inches. The collection has its own distinct look, from its cover designs and top-of-bed accents to its in-store point-of-purchase components.

Thomasville Natural Flex Ultra Model“Taken together, ranging from $999 to $3,999, the Ultra and Supreme lines address virtually every latex customer today and what they anticipate in quality, feel, look and pricing from the Thomasville brand,” Boyd explained.

Also on tap from Boyd are two new Thomasville Natural Flex latex toppers, plus a standard-size Thomasville Natural Flex latex pillow. The two and three-inch toppers have a dense poly-foam support base, capped with a contouring layer of either Dunlop or Talalay latex.

Known for its proprietary air bed designs and occasional-use models, Boyd also is bringing to High Point a new Thomasville Synchrony air collection.

“We believe this line will resonate well with affluent consumers from a technological and aesthetic perspective,” Boyd noted. “The highly attractive Synchrony series includes many of our patented or patent-pending features in a specialty line that offers personalized comfort and support, all under a familiar and respected brand.”

The four models in the series are offered in either a two-chamber core design or Boyd’s patent-pending six-chamber core—a choice that gives retailers flexibility in how they show, merchandise and price the beds. All cores are made from a thermo polystyrene material that is stronger and more durable than rubber.

Comfort materials for the new collection include varying layers of gel memory foams, memory foams and high-density poly foams. Each model is equipped with an LCD hand-held control that activates an auto-fill feature with memory, enabling sleepers to program their desired firmness and then rely on the technology to “remember” their preferred setting.

Both the Broyhill Sensura and Thomasville Synchrony collections will be outfitted with lighted headboards, graphic displays and top-of-bed accessories. Retailer co-op funds, plus unique internet campaigns that include a dedicated web site, are part of the complete promotional initiative created for all of Boyd’s new offerings.