Blu Sleep Spotlights Eye-Catching And Protective Pillow Packaging

Blu Sleep Products is changing the industry perception of sleep product packaging and design with its newest innovation. The company has developed a unique aluminum foil packaging that addresses many common issues related to storing and shipping pillows in addition to providing retailers with an eye-catching “grab-and-go” option.

Blu Sleep Pillow PackagingSince introducing its first pillow more than a decade ago, Blu Sleep has built a collection of 20 different pillows that provide retailers with affordable, high quality products and excellent profit margins. With this new packaging, the company is delivering added value to the category. Each Blu Sleep pillow is sealed at the factory, which discourages any foreign germs or bacteria to get inside the bag. By eliminating any odor transfer from packaging, the airtight seal helps ensure a more pure experience when the pillow is used for the first time. Sealing the bag locks in the pillow’s natural essential oils— and ensures that it has not been opened or touched by anyone before being sold to the consumer. Each pillow is compressed to roughly two inches flat, which makes them easier to stack and store in showrooms and warehouses. The pillow can be restored by simply peeling the “Sealed For Freshness” label on the back of the sleeve. To provide retailers with a more interesting selling proposition, each bag has a gusset at the bottom that allows the packaging to expand with the pillow, making it stand up on its own. To complete the expansion process consumers simply cut open the bag at home.

This new packaging also provides an instant visual appeal aside from the many functional benefits it offers. The lightweight bag is coated in a glossy texture and color of the Blu Sleep pantone, giving it a notably modern look on the showroom floor.